Full-reference image quality assessment-based B-mode ultrasound image similarity measure

01/10/2017 ∙ by Kele Xu, et al. ∙ 0

During the last decades, the number of new full-reference image quality assessment algorithms has been increasing drastically. Yet, despite of the remarkable progress that has been made, the medical ultrasound image similarity measurement remains largely unsolved due to a high level of speckle noise contamination. Potential applications of the ultrasound image similarity measurement seem evident in several aspects. To name a few, ultrasound imaging quality assessment, abnormal function region detection, etc. In this paper, a comparative study was made on full-reference image quality assessment methods for ultrasound image visual structural similarity measure. Moreover, based on the image similarity index, a generic ultrasound motion tracking re-initialization framework is given in this work. The experiments are conducted on synthetic data and real-ultrasound liver data and the results demonstrate that, with proposed similarity-based tracking re-initialization, the mean error of landmarks tracking can be decreased from 2 mm to about 1.5 mm in the ultrasound liver sequence.



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