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FSD50K: an Open Dataset of Human-Labeled Sound Events

by   Eduardo Fonseca, et al.
Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Most existing datasets for sound event recognition (SER) are relatively small and/or domain-specific, with the exception of AudioSet, based on a massive amount of audio tracks from YouTube videos and encompassing over 500 classes of everyday sounds. However, AudioSet is not an open dataset—its release consists of pre-computed audio features (instead of waveforms), which limits the adoption of some SER methods. Downloading the original audio tracks is also problematic due to constituent YouTube videos gradually disappearing and usage rights issues, which casts doubts over the suitability of this resource for systems' benchmarking. To provide an alternative benchmark dataset and thus foster SER research, we introduce FSD50K, an open dataset containing over 51k audio clips totalling over 100h of audio manually labeled using 200 classes drawn from the AudioSet Ontology. The audio clips are licensed under Creative Commons licenses, making the dataset freely distributable (including waveforms). We provide a detailed description of the FSD50K creation process, tailored to the particularities of Freesound data, including challenges encountered and solutions adopted. We include a comprehensive dataset characterization along with discussion of limitations and key factors to allow its audio-informed usage. Finally, we conduct sound event classification experiments to provide baseline systems as well as insight on the main factors to consider when splitting Freesound audio data for SER. Our goal is to develop a dataset to be widely adopted by the community as a new open benchmark for SER research.


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