From Species to Cultivar: Soybean Cultivar Recognition using Multiscale Sliding Chord Matching of Leaf Images

by   Bin Wang, et al.

Leaf image recognition techniques have been actively researched for plant species identification. However it remains unclear whether leaf patterns can provide sufficient information for cultivar recognition. This paper reports the first attempt on soybean cultivar recognition from plant leaves which is not only a challenging research problem but also important for soybean cultivar evaluation, selection and production in agriculture. In this paper, we propose a novel multiscale sliding chord matching (MSCM) approach to extract leaf patterns that are distinctive for soybean cultivar identification. A chord is defined to slide along the contour for measuring the synchronised patterns of exterior shape and interior appearance of soybean leaf images. A multiscale sliding chord strategy is developed to extract features in a coarse-to-fine hierarchical order. A joint description that integrates the leaf descriptors from different parts of a soybean plant is proposed for further enhancing the discriminative power of cultivar description. We built a cultivar leaf image database, SoyCultivar, consisting of 1200 sample leaf images from 200 soybean cultivars for performance evaluation. Encouraging experimental results of the proposed method in comparison to the state-of-the-art leaf species recognition methods demonstrate the availability of cultivar information in soybean leaves and effectiveness of the proposed MSCM for soybean cultivar identification, which may advance the research in leaf recognition from species to cultivar.


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