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From Risk Prediction to Risk Factors Interpretation. Comparison of Neural Networks and Classical Statistics for Dementia Prediction

by   C. Huber, et al.
Université Paris Descartes

It is proposed to investigate the onset of a disease D, based on several risk factors., with a specific interest in Alzheimer occurrence. For that purpose, two classes of techniques are available, whose properties are quite different in terms of interpretation, which is the focus of this paper: classical statistics based on probabilistic models and artificial intelligence (mainly neural networks) based on optimization algorithms. Both methods are good at prediction, with a preference for neural networks when the dimension of the potential predictors is high. But the advantage of the classical statistics is cognitive : the role of each factor is generally summarized in the value of a coefficient which is highly positive for a harmful factor, close to 0 for an irrelevant one, and highly negative for a beneficial one.


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