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From Private to Public: Benchmarking GANs in the Context of Private Time Series Classification

by   Dominique Mercier, et al.

Deep learning has proven to be successful in various domains and for different tasks. However, when it comes to private data several restrictions are making it difficult to use deep learning approaches in these application fields. Recent approaches try to generate data privately instead of applying a privacy-preserving mechanism directly, on top of the classifier. The solution is to create public data from private data in a manner that preserves the privacy of the data. In this work, two very prominent GAN-based architectures were evaluated in the context of private time series classification. In contrast to previous work, mostly limited to the image domain, the scope of this benchmark was the time series domain. The experiments show that especially GSWGAN performs well across a variety of public datasets outperforming the competitor DPWGAN. An analysis of the generated datasets further validates the superiority of GSWGAN in the context of time series generation.


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