From MVPs to pivots: a hypothesis-driven journey of two software startups

08/16/2018 ∙ by Dron Khanna, et al. ∙ 0

Software startups have emerged as an interesting multiperspective research area. Inspired by Lean Startup, a startup journey can be viewed as a series of experiments that validate a set of business hypotheses an entrepreneurial team make explicitly or inexplicitly about their startup. It is little known about how startups evolve through business hypothesis testing. This study proposes a novel approach to look at the startup evolution as a Minimum Viable Product(MVP) creat- ing process. We identified relationships among business hypotheses and MVPs via ethnography and post-mortem analysis in two software star- tups. We observe that the relationship between hypotheses and MVPs is incomplete and non-linear in these two startups. We also find that entrepreneurs do learn from testing their hypotheses. However, there are hypotheses not tested by MVPs and vice versa, MVPs not related to any business hypothesis. The approach we proposed visualizes the flow of entrepreneurial knowledge across pivots via MVPs.



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