Frame-to-Utterance Convergence: A Spectra-Temporal Approach for Unified Spoofing Detection

by   Awais Khan, et al.

Voice spoofing attacks pose a significant threat to automated speaker verification systems. Existing anti-spoofing methods often simulate specific attack types, such as synthetic or replay attacks. However, in real-world scenarios, the countermeasures are unaware of the generation schema of the attack, necessitating a unified solution. Current unified solutions struggle to detect spoofing artifacts, especially with recent spoofing mechanisms. For instance, the spoofing algorithms inject spectral or temporal anomalies, which are challenging to identify. To this end, we present a spectra-temporal fusion leveraging frame-level and utterance-level coefficients. We introduce a novel local spectral deviation coefficient (SDC) for frame-level inconsistencies and employ a bi-LSTM-based network for sequential temporal coefficients (STC), which capture utterance-level artifacts. Our spectra-temporal fusion strategy combines these coefficients, and an auto-encoder generates spectra-temporal deviated coefficients (STDC) to enhance robustness. Our proposed approach addresses multiple spoofing categories, including synthetic, replay, and partial deepfake attacks. Extensive evaluation on diverse datasets (ASVspoof2019, ASVspoof2021, VSDC, partial spoofs, and in-the-wild deepfakes) demonstrated its robustness for a wide range of voice applications.


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