Fractional integrals, derivatives and integral equations with weighted Takagi-Landsberg functions

by   Vitalii Makogin, et al.

In this paper we find fractional Riemann-Liouville derivatives for the Takagi-Landsberg functions. Moreover, we introduce their generalizations called weighted Takagi-Landsberg functions which have arbitrary bounded coefficients in the expansion under Schauder basis. The class of the weighted Takagi- Landsberg functions of order H>0 on [0,1] coincides with the H-Hölder continuous functions on [0,1]. Based on computed fractional integrals and derivatives of the Haar and Schauder functions, we get a new series representation of the fractional derivatives of a Hölder continuous function. This result allows to get the new formula of a Riemann-Stieltjes integral. The application of such series representation is the new method of numerical solution of the Volterra and linear integral equations driven by a Hölder continuous function.



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