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FPGA-based real-time 105-channel data acquisition platform for imaging system

by   Chengkai Guo, et al.

In this paper, a real-time 105-channel data acquisition platform based on FPGA for imaging will be implemented for mm-wave imaging systems. PC platform is also realized for imaging results monitoring purpose. Mm-wave imaging expands our vision by letting us see things under poor visibility conditions. With this extended vision ability, a wide range of military imaging missions would benefit, such as surveillance, precision targeting, navigation, and rescue. Based on the previously designed imager modules, this project would go on finishing the PCB design (both schematic and layout) of the following signal processing systems consisting of Programmable Gain Amplifier(PGA) (4 PGA for each ADC) and 16-channel Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) (7 ADC in total). Then the system verification would be performed on the Artix-7 35T Arty FPGA with the developing of proper controlling code to configure the ADC and realize the communication between the FPGA and the PC (through both UART and Ethernet). For the verification part, a simple test on a breadboard with a simple analog input (generated from a resistor divider) would first be performed. After the PCB design is finished, the whole system would be tested again with a precise reference and analog input.


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