Fourier series (based) multiscale method for computational analysis in science and engineering: III. Fourier series multiscale method for linear differential equation with cons

by   Weiming Sun, et al.

Fourier series multiscale method, a concise and efficient analytical approach for multiscale computation, will be developed out of this series of papers. In the third paper, the analytical analysis of multiscale phenomena inherent in the 2r-th order linear differential equations with constant coefficients and subjected to general boundary conditions is addressed. The limitation of the algebraical polynomial interpolation based composite Fourier series method is first discussed. This leads to a new formulation of the composite Fourier series method, where homogeneous solutions of the differential equations are adopted as interpolation functions. Consequently, the theoretical framework of the Fourier series multiscale method is provided, in which decomposition structures of solutions of the differential equations are specified and implementation schemes for application are detailed. The Fourier series multiscale method has not only made full use of existing achievements of the Fourier series method, but also given prominence to the fundamental position of structural decomposition of solutions of the differential equations, which results in perfect integration of consistency and flexibility of the Fourier series solution.


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