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Foundation for a series of efficient simulation algorithms

by   Gérard Cécé, et al.
FEMTO-ST Institute

Compute the coarsest simulation preorder included in an initial preorder is used to reduce the resources needed to analyze a given transition system. This technique is applied on many models like Kripke structures, labeled graphs, labeled transition systems or even word and tree automata. Let (Q, →) be a given transition system and Rinit be an initial preorder over Q. Until now, algorithms to compute Rsim , the coarsest simulation included in Rinit , are either memory efficient or time efficient but not both. In this paper we propose the foundation for a series of efficient simulation algorithms with the introduction of the notion of maximal transitions and the notion of stability of a preorder with respect to a coarser one. As an illustration we solve an open problem by providing the first algorithm with the best published time complexity, O(|Psim |.|→|), and a bit space complexity in O(|Psim |^2. log(|Psim |) + |Q|. log(|Q|)), with Psim the partition induced by Rsim.


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