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Forward-Mode Automatic Differentiation of Compiled Programs

by   Max Aehle, et al.

Algorithmic differentiation (AD) is a set of techniques that provide partial derivatives of computer-implemented functions. Such a function can be supplied to state-of-the-art AD tools via its source code, or via an intermediate representation produced while compiling its source code. We present the novel AD tool Derivgrind, which augments the machine code of compiled programs with forward-mode AD logic. Derivgrind leverages the Valgrind instrumentation framework for a structured access to the machine code, and a shadow memory tool to store dot values. Access to the source code is required at most for the files in which input and output variables are defined. Derivgrind's versatility comes at the price of scaling the run-time by a factor between 30 and 75, measured on a benchmark based on a numerical solver for a partial differential equation. Results of our extensive regression test suite indicate that Derivgrind produces correct results on GCC- and Clang-compiled programs, including a Python interpreter, with a small number of exceptions. While we provide a list of scenarios that Derivgrind does not handle correctly, nearly all of them are academic counterexamples or originate from highly optimized math libraries. As long as differentiating those is avoided, Derivgrind can be applied to an unprecedentedly wide range of cross-language or partially closed-source software with little integration efforts.


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