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Formalising and verifying smart contracts with Solidifier: a bounded model checker for Solidity

by   Pedro Antonino, et al.

The exploitation of smart-contract vulnerabilities can have catastrophic consequences such as the loss of millions of pounds worth of crypto assets. Formal verification can be a useful tool in identifying vulnerabilities and proving that they have been fixed. In this paper, we present a formalisation of Solidity and the Ethereum blockchain using the Solid language and its blockchain; a Solid program is obtained by explicating/desugaring a Solidity program. We make some abstractions that over-approximate the way in which Solidity/Ethereum behave. Based on this formalisation, we create Solidifier: a bounded model checker for Solidity. It translates Solid into Boogie, an intermediate verification language, that is later verified using Corral, a bounded model checker for Boogie. Unlike much of the work in this area, we do not try to find specific behavioural/code patterns that might lead to vulnerabilities. Instead, we provide a tool to find errors/bad states, i.e. program states that do not conform with the intent of the developer. Such a bad state, be it a vulnerability or not, might be reached through the execution of specific known code patterns or through behaviours that have not been anticipated.


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