Formal Verification of Quantum Programs: Theory, Tools and Challenges

by   Marco Lewis, et al.

Over the past 27 years, quantum computing has seen a huge rise in interest from both academia and industry. At the current rate, quantum computers are growing in size rapidly backed up by the increase of research in the field. Significant efforts are being made to improve the reliability of quantum hardware and to develop suitable software to program quantum computers. In contrast, the verification of quantum programs has received relatively less attention. The importance of verifying programs is especially important in the quantum setting due to how difficult it is to program complex algorithms correctly on resource-constrained and error-prone quantum hardware. Research into creating verification frameworks for quantum programs has seen recent development, with a variety of tools implemented using a collection of theoretical ideas. This survey aims to be a short introduction into the area of formal verification of quantum programs, bringing together theory and tools developed to date. Further, this survey examines some of the challenges that the field may face in the future, namely the developments of complex quantum algorithms.



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