Force-and-moment-based Model Predictive Control for Achieving Highly Dynamic Locomotion on Bipedal Robots

03/31/2021 ∙ by Junheng Li, et al. ∙ 0

In this paper, we propose a novel framework on force-and-moment-based Model Predictive Control (MPC) for dynamic legged robots. In specific, we present a formulation of MPC designed for 10 degree-of-freedom (DoF) bipedal robots using a simplified rigid body dynamics with input forces and moments. This MPC controller will calculate the optimal inputs applied to the robot, including 3-D forces and 2-D moments at each foot. These desired inputs will then be generated by mapping these forces and moments to motor torques of 5 actuators on each leg. We evaluate our proposed control design on physical simulation of a 10 degree-of-freedom (DoF) bipedal robot. The robot can achieve fast walking speed up to 1.6 m/s on rough terrain, with accurate velocity tracking. With the same control framework, our proposed approach can achieve a wide range of dynamic motions including walking, hopping, and running using the same set of control parameters.



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