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FOD-A: A Dataset for Foreign Object Debris in Airports

by   Travis Munyer, et al.
University of Nebraska at Omaha

Foreign Object Debris (FOD) detection has attracted increased attention in the area of machine learning and computer vision. However, a robust and publicly available image dataset for FOD has not been initialized. To this end, this paper introduces an image dataset of FOD, named FOD in Airports (FOD-A). FOD-A object categories have been selected based on guidance from prior documentation and related research by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). In addition to the primary annotations of bounding boxes for object detection, FOD-A provides labeled environmental conditions. As such, each annotation instance is further categorized into three light level categories (bright, dim, and dark) and two weather categories (dry and wet). Currently, FOD-A has released 31 object categories and over 30,000 annotation instances. This paper presents the creation methodology, discusses the publicly available dataset extension process, and demonstrates the practicality of FOD-A with widely used machine learning models for object detection.


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A dataset of foreign object debris (FOD) designed for computer vision applications.

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