FMODetect: Robust Detection and Trajectory Estimation of Fast Moving Objects

by   Denys Rozumnyi, et al.

We propose the first learning-based approach for detection and trajectory estimation of fast moving objects. Such objects are highly blurred and move over large distances within one video frame. Fast moving objects are associated with a deblurring and matting problem, also called deblatting. Instead of solving the complex deblatting problem jointly, we split the problem into matting and deblurring and solve them separately. The proposed method first detects all fast moving objects as a truncated distance function to the trajectory. Subsequently, a matting and fitting network for each detected object estimates the object trajectory and its blurred appearance without background. For the sharp appearance estimation, we propose an energy minimization based deblurring. The state-of-the-art methods are outperformed in terms of trajectory estimation and sharp appearance reconstruction. Compared to other methods, such as deblatting, the inference is of several orders of magnitude faster and allows applications such as real-time fast moving object detection and retrieval in large video collections.



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