Floods Detection in Twitter Text and Images

by   Naina Said, et al.

In this paper, we present our methods for the MediaEval 2020 Flood Related Multimedia task, which aims to analyze and combine textual and visual content from social media for the detection of real-world flooding events. The task mainly focuses on identifying floods related tweets relevant to a specific area. We propose several schemes to address the challenge. For text-based flood events detection, we use three different methods, relying on Bog of Words (BOW) and an Italian Version of Bert individually and in combination, achieving an F1-score of 0.77 the visual analysis, we rely on features extracted via multiple state-of-the-art deep models pre-trained on ImageNet. The extracted features are then used to train multiple individual classifiers whose scores are then combined in a late fusion manner achieving an F1-score of 0.75 mandatory multi-modal run, we combine the classification scores obtained with the best textual and visual schemes in a late fusion manner. Overall, better results are obtained with the multimodal scheme achieving an F1-score of 0.80 on the development set.



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