FLASH 1.0: A Software Framework for Rapid Parallel Deployment and Enhancing Host Code Portability in Heterogeneous Computing

06/25/2021 ∙ by Michael Riera, et al. ∙ 0

In this paper, we present FLASH 1.0, a C++-based software framework for rapid parallel deployment and enhancing host code portability in heterogeneous computing. FLASH takes a novel approach in describing kernels and dynamically dispatching them in a hardware-agnostic manner. FLASH features truly hardware-agnostic frontend interfaces, which not only unify the compile-time control flow but also enforces a portability-optimized code organization that imposes a demarcation between computational (performance-critical) and functional (non-performance-critical) codes as well as the separation of hardware-specific and hardware-agnostic codes in the host application. We use static code analysis to measure the hardware independence ratio of popular HPC applications and show that up to 99.72 FLASH. Similarly, we measure the complexity of state-of-the-art portable programming models and show that a code reduction of up to 2.2x can be achieved for two common HPC kernels while maintaining 100 normalized framework overhead between 1 codes are available at https://github.com/PSCLab-ASU/FLASH.



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