FIXME: Enhance Software Reliability with Hybrid Approaches in Cloud

02/17/2021 ∙ by Jinho Hwang, et al. ∙ 0

With the promise of reliability in cloud, more enterprises are migrating to cloud. The process of continuous integration/deployment (CICD) in cloud connects developers who need to deliver value faster and more transparently with site reliability engineers (SREs) who need to manage applications reliably. SREs feed back development issues to developers, and developers commit fixes and trigger CICD to redeploy. The release cycle is more continuous than ever, thus the code to production is faster and more automated. To provide this higher level agility, the cloud platforms become more complex in the face of flexibility with deeper layers of virtualization. However, reliability does not come for free with all these complexities. Software engineers and SREs need to deal with wider information spectrum from virtualized layers. Therefore, providing correlated information with true positive evidences is critical to identify the root cause of issues quickly in order to reduce mean time to recover (MTTR), performance metrics for SREs. Similarity, knowledge, or statistics driven approaches have been effective, but with increasing data volume and types, an individual approach is limited to correlate semantic relations of different data sources. In this paper, we introduce FIXME to enhance software reliability with hybrid diagnosis approaches for enterprises. Our evaluation results show using hybrid diagnosis approach is about 17 in precision. The results are helpful for both practitioners and researchers to develop hybrid diagnosis in the highly dynamic cloud environment.



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