Fixed-Parameter Sensitivity Oracles

by   Davide Bilò, et al.

We combine ideas from distance sensitivity oracles (DSOs) and fixed-parameter tractability (FPT) to design sensitivity oracles for FPT graph problems. An oracle with sensitivity f for an FPT problem Π on a graph G with parameter k preprocesses G in time O(g(f,k) ·(n)). When queried with a set F of at most f edges of G, the oracle reports the answer to the Π-with the same parameter k-on the graph G-F, i.e., G deprived of F. The oracle should answer queries in a time that is significantly faster than merely running the best-known FPT algorithm on G-F from scratch. We mainly design sensitivity oracles for the k-Path and the k-Vertex Cover problem. Following our line of research connecting fault-tolerant FPT and shortest paths problems, we also introduce parameterization to the computation of distance preservers. We study the problem, given a directed unweighted graph with a fixed source s and parameters f and k, to construct a polynomial-sized oracle that efficiently reports, for any target vertex v and set F of at most f edges, whether the distance from s to v increases at most by an additive term of k in G-F.


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