First Place Solution of KDD Cup 2021 OGB Large-Scale Challenge Graph-Level Track

by   Chengxuan Ying, et al.

In this technical report, we present our solution of KDD Cup 2021 OGB Large-Scale Challenge - PCQM4M-LSC Track. We adopt Graphormer and ExpC as our basic models. We train each model by 8-fold cross-validation, and additionally train two Graphormer models on the union of training and validation sets with different random seeds. For final submission, we use a naive ensemble for these 18 models by taking average of their outputs. Using our method, our team MachineLearning achieved 0.1200 MAE on test set, which won the first place in KDD Cup graph-level track.


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Graphormer is a deep learning package that allows researchers and developers to train custom models for molecule modeling tasks. It aims to accelerate the research and application in AI for molecule science, such as material discovery, drug discovery, etc.

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