Finite Time Analysis of Optimal Adaptive Policies for Linear-Quadratic Systems

We consider the classical problem of control of linear systems with quadratic cost. When the true system dynamics are unknown, an adaptive policy is required for learning the model parameters and planning a control policy simultaneously. Addressing this trade-off between accurate estimation and good control represents the main challenge in the area of adaptive control. Another important issue is to prevent the system becoming destabilized due to lack of knowledge of its dynamics. Asymptotically optimal approaches have been extensively studied in the literature, but there are very few non-asymptotic results which also do not provide a comprehensive treatment of the problem. In this work, we establish finite time high probability regret bounds that are optimal up to logarithmic factors. We also provide high probability guarantees for a stabilization algorithm based on random linear feedbacks. The results are obtained under very mild assumptions, requiring: (i) stabilizability of the matrices encoding the system's dynamics, and (ii) degree of heaviness of the noise distribution. To derive our results, we also introduce a number of new concepts and technical tools.


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