FineDiving: A Fine-grained Dataset for Procedure-aware Action Quality Assessment

by   Jinglin Xu, et al.
Tsinghua University

Most existing action quality assessment methods rely on the deep features of an entire video to predict the score, which is less reliable due to the non-transparent inference process and poor interpretability. We argue that understanding both high-level semantics and internal temporal structures of actions in competitive sports videos is the key to making predictions accurate and interpretable. Towards this goal, we construct a new fine-grained dataset, called FineDiving, developed on diverse diving events with detailed annotations on action procedures. We also propose a procedure-aware approach for action quality assessment, learned by a new Temporal Segmentation Attention module. Specifically, we propose to parse pairwise query and exemplar action instances into consecutive steps with diverse semantic and temporal correspondences. The procedure-aware cross-attention is proposed to learn embeddings between query and exemplar steps to discover their semantic, spatial, and temporal correspondences, and further serve for fine-grained contrastive regression to derive a reliable scoring mechanism. Extensive experiments demonstrate that our approach achieves substantial improvements over state-of-the-art methods with better interpretability. The dataset and code are available at <>.


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FineDiving: A Fine-grained Dataset for Procedure-aware Action Quality Assessment

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