Fine-tuning deep learning model parameters for improved super-resolution of dynamic MRI with prior-knowledge

by   Chompunuch Sarasaen, et al.

Dynamic imaging is a beneficial tool for interventions to assess physiological changes. Nonetheless during dynamic MRI, while achieving a high temporal resolution, the spatial resolution is compromised. To overcome this spatio-temporal trade-off, this research presents a super-resolution (SR) MRI reconstruction with prior knowledge based fine-tuning to maximise spatial information while preserving high temporal resolution of dynamic MRI. An U-Net based network with perceptual loss is trained on a benchmark dataset and fine-tuned using one subject-specific static high resolution MRI as prior knowledge to obtain high resolution dynamic images during the inference stage. 3D dynamic data for three subjects were acquired with different parameters to test the generalisation capabilities of the network. The method was tested for different levels of in-plane undersampling for dynamic MRI. The reconstructed dynamic SR results showed higher similarity with the high resolution ground-truth after fine-tuning. The average SSIM of the lowest resolution experimented during this research (6.25 % of the k-space) before and after fine-tuning were 0.939 ± 0.008 and 0.957 ± 0.006 respectively. This could theoretically result in an acceleration factor of 16, which can potentially be acquired in less than half a second. The proposed approach shows that the super-resolution MRI reconstruction with prior-information can alleviate the spatio-temporal trade-off in dynamic MRI, even for high acceleration factors.


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