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Finding temporal patterns using algebraic fingerprints

by   Suhas Thejaswi, et al.

In this paper we study a family of pattern-detection problems in vertex-colored temporal graphs. In particular, given a vertex-colored temporal graph and a multi-set of colors as a query, we search for temporal paths in the graph that contain the colors specified in the query. These types of problems have several interesting applications, for example, recommending tours for tourists, or searching for abnormal behavior in a network of financial transactions. For the family of pattern-detection problems we define, we establish complexity results and design an algebraic-algorithmic framework based on constrained multilinear sieving. We demonstrate that our solution can scale to massive graphs with up to hundred million edges, despite the problems being NP-hard. Our implementation, which is publicly available, exhibits practical edge-linear scalability and highly optimized. For example, in a real-world graph dataset with more than six million edges and a multi-set query with ten colors, we can extract an optimal solution in less than eight minutes on a haswell desktop with four cores.


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