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Finding Hamiltonian and Longest (s, t)-paths of C-shaped Supergrid Graphs in Linear Time

by   Ruo-Wei Hung, et al.

A supergrid graph is a finite vertex-induced subgraph of the infinite graph whose vertex set consists of all points of the plane with integer coordinates and in which two vertices are adjacent if the difference of their x or y coordinates is not larger than 1. The Hamiltonian path (cycle) problem is to determine whether a graph contains a simple path (cycle) in which each vertex of the graph appears exactly once. This problem is NP-complete for general graphs and it is also NP-complete for general supergrid graphs. Despite the many applications of the problem, it is still open for many classes, including solid supergrid graphs and supergrid graphs with some holes. A graph is called Hamiltonian connected if it contains a Hamiltonian path between any two distinct vertices. In this paper, first we will study the Hamiltonian cycle property of C-shaped supergrid graphs, which are a special case of rectangular supergrid graphs with a rectangular hole. Next, we will show that C-shaped supergrid graphs are Hamiltonian connected except few conditions. Finally, we will compute a longest path between two distinct vertices in these graphs. The Hamiltonian connectivity of C-shaped supergrid graphs can be applied to compute the optimal stitching trace of computer embroidery machines, and construct the minimum printing trace of 3D printers with a C-like component being printed.


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