Finding Black Cat in a Coal Cellar – Keyphrase Extraction Keyphrase-Rubric Relationship Classification from Complex Assignments

04/03/2020 ∙ by Manikandan Ravikiran, et al. ∙ 0

Diversity in content and open-ended questions are inherent in complex assignments across online graduate programs. The natural scale of these programs poses a variety of challenges across both peer and expert feedback including rogue reviews. While the identification of relevant content and associating it to predefined rubrics would simplify and improve the grading process, the research to date is still in a nascent stage. As such in this paper we aim to quantify the effectiveness of supervised and unsupervised approaches for the task for keyphrase extraction and generic/specific keyphrase-rubric relationship extraction. Through this study, we find that (i) unsupervised MultiPartiteRank produces the best result for keyphrase extraction (ii) supervised SVM classifier with BERT features that offer the best performance for both generic and specific keyphrase-rubric relationship classification. We finally present a comprehensive analysis and derive useful observations for those interested in these tasks for the future. The source code is released in <>.



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