Find or Classify? Dual Strategy for Slot-Value Predictions on Multi-Domain Dialog State Tracking

by   Jian-Guo Zhang, et al.
Zhejiang University
University of Illinois at Chicago

Dialog State Tracking (DST) is a core component in task-oriented dialog systems. Existing approaches for DST usually fall into two categories, i.e, the picklist-based and span-based. From one hand, the picklist-based methods perform classifications for each slot over a candidate-value list, under the condition that a pre-defined ontology is accessible. However, it is impractical in industry since it is hard to get full access to the ontology. On the other hand, the span-based methods track values for each slot through finding text spans in the dialog context. However, due to the diversity of value descriptions, it is hard to find a particular string in the dialog context. To mitigate these issues, this paper proposes a Dual Strategy for DST (DS-DST) to borrow advantages from both the picklist-based and span-based methods, by classifying over a picklist or finding values from a slot span. Empirical results show that DS-DST achieves the state-of-the-art scores in terms of joint accuracy, i.e., 51.2 ontology is accessible.


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Official repository for "MMConv: An Environment for Multimodal Conversational Search across Multiple Domains"

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Pytorch implementation of DS-DST paper (Zhang et al., 2019). (not official)

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