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Find a Way Forward: a Language-Guided Semantic Map Navigator

by   Zehao Wang, et al.
KU Leuven

This paper attacks the problem of language-guided navigation in a new perspective by using novel semantic navigation maps, which enables robots to carry out natural language instructions and move to a target position based on the map observations. We break down this problem into parts and introduce three different modules to solve the corresponding subproblems. Our approach leverages map information to provide Deterministic Path Candidate Proposals to reduce the solution space. Different from traditional methods that predict robots' movements toward the target step-by-step, we design an attention-based Language Driven Discriminator to evaluate path candidates and determine the best path as the final result. To represent the map observations along a path for a better modality alignment, a novel Path Feature Encoding scheme tailored for semantic navigation maps is proposed. Unlike traditional methods that tend to produce cumulative errors or be stuck in local decisions, our method which plans paths based on global information can greatly alleviate these problems. The proposed approach has noticeable performance gains, especially in long-distance navigation cases. Also, its training efficiency is significantly higher than of other methods.


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