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Financial Portfolio Optimization: Computationally guided agents to investigate, analyse and invest!?

by   Ankit Dangi, et al.

Financial portfolio optimization is a widely studied problem in mathematics, statistics, financial and computational literature. It adheres to determining an optimal combination of weights associated with financial assets held in a portfolio. In practice, it faces challenges by virtue of varying math. formulations, parameters, business constraints and complex financial instruments. Empirical nature of data is no longer one-sided; thereby reflecting upside and downside trends with repeated yet unidentifiable cyclic behaviours potentially caused due to high frequency volatile movements in asset trades. Portfolio optimization under such circumstances is theoretically and computationally challenging. This work presents a novel mechanism to reach an optimal solution by encoding a variety of optimal solutions in a solution bank to guide the search process for the global investment objective formulation. It conceptualizes the role of individual solver agents that contribute optimal solutions to a bank of solutions, a super-agent solver that learns from the solution bank, and, thus reflects a knowledge-based computationally guided agents approach to investigate, analyse and reach to optimal solution for informed investment decisions. Conceptual understanding of classes of solver agents that represent varying problem formulations and, mathematically oriented deterministic solvers along with stochastic-search driven evolutionary and swarm-intelligence based techniques for optimal weights are discussed. Algorithmic implementation is presented by an enhanced neighbourhood generation mechanism in Simulated Annealing algorithm. A framework for inclusion of heuristic knowledge and human expertise from financial literature related to investment decision making process is reflected via introduction of controlled perturbation strategies using a decision matrix for neighbourhood generation.


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