Filling Factors of Sunspots in SODISM Images

04/01/2019 ∙ by Amro F. Alasta, et al. ∙ 0

Received: 1st December 2018; Accepted: 18th February 2019; Published: 1st April 2019 Abstract: The calculated filling factors (FFs) for a feature reflect the fraction of the solar disc covered by that feature, and the assignment of reference synthetic spectra. In this paper, the FFs, specified as a function of radial position on the solar disc, are computed for each image in a tabular form. The filling factor (FF) is an important parameter and is defined as the fraction of area in a pixel covered with the magnetic field, whereas the rest of the area in the pixel is field-free. However, this does not provide extensive information about the experiments conducted on tens or hundreds of such images. This is the first time that filling factors for SODISM images have been catalogued in tabular formation. This paper presents a new method that provides the means to detect sunspots on full-disk solar images recorded by the Solar Diameter Imager and Surface Mapper (SODISM) on the PICARD satellite. The method is a totally automated detection process that achieves a sunspot recognition rate of 97.6 strongly agrees with the NOAA catalogue. The sunspot areas calculated by this method have a 99 calculate the filling factor for wavelength (W.L.) 607nm.



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