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File System Design Approaches

by   Brijender Kahanwal, et al.

In this article, the file system development design approaches are discussed. The selection of the file system design approach is done according to the needs of the developers what are the needed requirements and specifications for the new design. It allowed us to identify where our proposal fitted in with relation to current and past file system development. Our experience with file system development is limited so the research served to identify the different techniques that can be used. The variety of file systems encountered show what an active area of research file system development is. The file systems may be from one of the two fundamental categories. In one category, the file system is developed in user space and runs as a user process. Another file system may be developed in the kernel space and runs as a privileged process. Another one is the mixed approach in which we can take the advantages of both aforesaid approaches. Each development option has its own pros and cons. In this article, these design approaches are discussed.


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