Fighting Uncertainty with Gradients: Offline Reinforcement Learning via Diffusion Score Matching

by   H. J. Terry Suh, et al.
Toyota Research Institute
University of Washington

Offline optimization paradigms such as offline Reinforcement Learning (RL) or Imitation Learning (IL) allow policy search algorithms to make use of offline data, but require careful incorporation of uncertainty in order to circumvent the challenges of distribution shift. Gradient-based policy search methods are a promising direction due to their effectiveness in high dimensions; however, we require a more careful consideration of how these methods interplay with uncertainty estimation. We claim that in order for an uncertainty metric to be amenable for gradient-based optimization, it must be (i) stably convergent to data when uncertainty is minimized with gradients, and (ii) not prone to underestimation of true uncertainty. We investigate smoothed distance to data as a metric, and show that it not only stably converges to data, but also allows us to analyze model bias with Lipschitz constants. Moreover, we establish an equivalence between smoothed distance to data and data likelihood, which allows us to use score-matching techniques to learn gradients of distance to data. Importantly, we show that offline model-based policy search problems that maximize data likelihood do not require values of likelihood; but rather only the gradient of the log likelihood (the score function). Using this insight, we propose Score-Guided Planning (SGP), a planning algorithm for offline RL that utilizes score-matching to enable first-order planning in high-dimensional problems, where zeroth-order methods were unable to scale, and ensembles were unable to overcome local minima. Website:


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