Fides: Managing Data on Untrusted Infrastructure

01/20/2020 ∙ by Sujaya Maiyya, et al. ∙ 0

Significant amounts of data are currently being stored and managed on third-party servers. It is impractical for many small scale enterprises to own their private datacenters, hence renting third-party servers is a viable solution for such businesses. But the increasing number of malicious attacks, both internal and external, as well as buggy software on third-party servers is causing clients to lose their trust in these external infrastructures. While small enterprises cannot avoid using external infrastructures, they need the right set of protocols to manage their data on untrusted infrastructures. In this paper, we propose TFCommit, a novel atomic commitment protocol that executes transactions on data stored across multiple untrusted servers. To our knowledge, TFCommit is the first atomic commitment protocol to execute transactions in an untrusted environment without using expensive Byzantine replication. Using TFCommit, we propose an auditable data management system, Fides, residing completely on untrustworthy infrastructure. As an auditable system, Fides guarantees the detection of potentially malicious failures occurring on untrusted servers using tamper-resistant logs with the support of cryptographic techniques. The experimental evaluation demonstrates the scalability and the relatively low overhead of our approach that allows executing transactions on untrusted infrastructure.



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