Few-shot Object Detection with Refined Contrastive Learning

by   Zeyu Shangguan, et al.
BOE Technology Group Co.

Due to the scarcity of sampling data in reality, few-shot object detection (FSOD) has drawn more and more attention because of its ability to quickly train new detection concepts with less data. However, there are still failure identifications due to the difficulty in distinguishing confusable classes. We also notice that the high standard deviation of average precisions reveals the inconsistent detection performance. To this end, we propose a novel FSOD method with Refined Contrastive Learning (FSRC). A pre-determination component is introduced to find out the Resemblance Group (GR) from novel classes which contains confusable classes. Afterwards, refined contrastive learning (RCL) is pointedly performed on this group of classes in order to increase the inter-class distances among them. In the meantime, the detection results distribute more uniformly which further improve the performance. Experimental results based on PASCAL VOC and COCO datasets demonstrate our proposed method outperforms the current state-of-the-art research. FSRC can not only decouple the relevance of confusable classes to get a better performance, but also makes predictions more consistent by reducing the standard deviation of the AP of classes to be detected.


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