Fence Synthesis under the C11 Memory Model

by   Sanjana Singh, et al.

The C/C++11 (C11) standard offers a spectrum of ordering guarantees on memory access operations. The combinations of such orderings pose a challenge in developing correct and efficient weak memory programs. A common solution to preclude those program outcomes that violate the correctness specification is using C11 synchronization-fences, which establish ordering on program events. The challenge is in choosing a combination of fences that (i) restores the correctness of the input program, with (ii) as little impact on efficiency as possible (i.e., the smallest set of weakest fences). This problem is the optimal fence synthesis problem and is NP-hard for straight-line programs. In this work, we propose the first fence synthesis technique for C11 programs called FenSying and show its optimality. We additionally propose a near-optimal efficient alternative called fFenSying. We prove the optimality of FenSying and the soundness of fFenSying and present an implementation of both techniques. Finally, we contrast the performance of the two techniques and empirically demonstrate fFenSyings effectiveness.


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