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FedFair: Training Fair Models In Cross-Silo Federated Learning

by   Lingyang Chu, et al.
HUAWEI Technologies Co., Ltd.
Simon Fraser University
McMaster University

Building fair machine learning models becomes more and more important. As many powerful models are built by collaboration among multiple parties, each holding some sensitive data, it is natural to explore the feasibility of training fair models in cross-silo federated learning so that fairness, privacy and collaboration can be fully respected simultaneously. However, it is a very challenging task, since it is far from trivial to accurately estimate the fairness of a model without knowing the private data of the participating parties. In this paper, we first propose a federated estimation method to accurately estimate the fairness of a model without infringing the data privacy of any party. Then, we use the fairness estimation to formulate a novel problem of training fair models in cross-silo federated learning. We develop FedFair, a well-designed federated learning framework, which can successfully train a fair model with high performance without any data privacy infringement. Our extensive experiments on three real-world data sets demonstrate the excellent fair model training performance of our method.


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