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Federated Social Recommendation with Graph Neural Network

by   Zhiwei Liu, et al.
Beihang University
University of Illinois at Chicago

Recommender systems have become prosperous nowadays, designed to predict users' potential interests in items by learning embeddings. Recent developments of the Graph Neural Networks (GNNs) also provide recommender systems with powerful backbones to learn embeddings from a user-item graph. However, only leveraging the user-item interactions suffers from the cold-start issue due to the difficulty in data collection. Hence, current endeavors propose fusing social information with user-item interactions to alleviate it, which is the social recommendation problem. Existing work employs GNNs to aggregate both social links and user-item interactions simultaneously. However, they all require centralized storage of the social links and item interactions of users, which leads to privacy concerns. Additionally, according to strict privacy protection under General Data Protection Regulation, centralized data storage may not be feasible in the future, urging a decentralized framework of social recommendation. To this end, we devise a novel framework Fedrated Social recommendation with Graph neural network (FeSoG). Firstly, FeSoG adopts relational attention and aggregation to handle heterogeneity. Secondly, FeSoG infers user embeddings using local data to retain personalization. Last but not least, the proposed model employs pseudo-labeling techniques with item sampling to protect the privacy and enhance training. Extensive experiments on three real-world datasets justify the effectiveness of FeSoG in completing social recommendation and privacy protection. We are the first work proposing a federated learning framework for social recommendation to the best of our knowledge.


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