Federated Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning for Dynamic and Flexible 3D Operation of 5G Multi-MAP Networks

by   Esteban Catté, et al.

This paper addresses the efficient management of Mobile Access Points (MAPs), which are Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), in 5G networks. We propose a two-level hierarchical architecture, which dynamically reconfigures the network while considering Integrated Access-Backhaul (IAB) constraints. The high-layer decision process determines the number of MAPs through consensus, and we develop a joint optimization process to account for co-dependence in network self-management. In the low-layer, MAPs manage their placement using a double-attention based Deep Reinforcement Learning (DRL) model that encourages cooperation without retraining. To improve generalization and reduce complexity, we propose a federated mechanism for training and sharing one placement model for every MAP in the low-layer. Additionally, we jointly optimize the placement and backhaul connectivity of MAPs using a multi-objective reward function, considering the impact of varying MAP placement on wireless backhaul connectivity.


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