Feature Selection for Efficient Local-to-Global Bayesian Network Structure Learning

by   Kui Yu, et al.

Local-to-global learning approach plays an essential role in Bayesian network (BN) structure learning. Existing local-to-global learning algorithms first construct the skeleton of a DAG (directed acyclic graph) by learning the MB (Markov blanket) or PC (parents and children) of each variable in a data set, then orient edges in the skeleton. However, existing MB or PC learning methods are often computationally expensive especially with a large-sized BN, resulting in inefficient local-to-global learning algorithms. To tackle the problem, in this paper, we develop an efficient local-to-global learning approach using feature selection. Specifically, we first analyze the rationale of the well-known Minimum-Redundancy and Maximum-Relevance (MRMR) feature selection approach for learning a PC set of a variable. Based on the analysis, we propose an efficient F2SL (feature selection-based structure learning) approach to local-to-global BN structure learning. The F2SL approach first employs the MRMR approach to learn a DAG skeleton, then orients edges in the skeleton. Employing independence tests or score functions for orienting edges, we instantiate the F2SL approach into two new algorithms, F2SL-c (using independence tests) and F2SL-s (using score functions). Compared to the state-of-the-art local-to-global BN learning algorithms, the experiments validated that the proposed algorithms in this paper are more efficient and provide competitive structure learning quality than the compared algorithms.


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