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Feature Based Framework to Detect Diseases, Tumor, and Bleeding in Wireless Capsule Endoscopy

by   Omid Haji Maghsoudi, et al.
Temple University

Studying animal locomotion improves our understanding of motor control and aids in the treatment of motor impairment. Mice are a premier model of human disease and are the model system of choice for much of basic neuroscience. High frame rates (250 Hz) are needed to quantify the kinematics of these running rodents. Manual tracking, especially for multiple markers, becomes time-consuming and impossible. Therefore, an automated method is necessary. We propose a method to track the paws of the animal in the following manner: first, segmenting all the possible paws based on color; second, classifying the segmented objects using a support vector machine (SVM) and neural network (NN); third, classifying the objects using the kinematic features of the running animal, coupled with texture features from earlier frames; and finally, detecting and handling collisions to assure the correctness of labelled paws. The proposed method is validated in sixty 1,000 frame video sequences (4 seconds) captured by four cameras from five mice. The total sensitivity for tracking of the front and hind paw is 99.70 99.76 reconstruction using the four camera system.


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