Feasibility study of antenna synthesis using hyper beamforming

by   Gebrehiwet Gebrekrstos Lema, et al.

Wireless communication requires an effective antenna synthesis that characterizes adequate infrastructures to provide the broader bandwidth and reduced interference. Antenna design with minimal signal degradation, optimal gain directive main beam to sustain minimal loss has been a hot issue among many communication engineers for several years. In this paper, the effects of the eccentricity of the antenna, element-spacing, number of elliptical rings and number of elements are evaluated. For efficient antenna synthesis, deep Side Lobe Level (SLL) reduction and superior directivity are critical. We have also studied the significance of hyper beamforming in Elliptical Cylindrical Antenna Array (ECAA) in comparison to the geometric configuration of the antenna parameters (eccentricity of the antenna, element-spacing, number of elliptical rings and number of elements). The hyper beam exponent has resulted in flexible pattern synthesis while simultaneously reducing the side lobe of the proposed antenna array, thus decreasing the SLL and increasing directivity that is vital for wideband applications.



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