FCOSR: A Simple Anchor-free Rotated Detector for Aerial Object Detection

by   Zhonghua Li, et al.

Existing anchor-base oriented object detection methods have achieved amazing results, but these methods require some manual preset boxes, which introduces additional hyperparameters and calculations. The existing anchor-free methods usually have complex architectures and are not easy to deploy. Our goal is to propose an algorithm which is simple and easy-to-deploy for aerial image detection. In this paper, we present a one-stage anchor-free rotated object detector (FCOSR) based on FCOS, which can be deployed on most platforms. The FCOSR has a simple architecture consisting of only convolution layers. Our work focuses on the label assignment strategy for the training phase. We use ellipse center sampling method to define a suitable sampling region for oriented bounding box (OBB). The fuzzy sample assignment strategy provides reasonable labels for overlapping objects. To solve the insufficient sampling problem, a multi-level sampling module is designed. These strategies allocate more appropriate labels to training samples. Our algorithm achieves 79.25, 75.41, and 90.15 mAP on DOTA1.0, DOTA1.5, and HRSC2016 datasets, respectively. FCOSR demonstrates superior performance to other methods in single-scale evaluation. We convert a lightweight FCOSR model to TensorRT format, which achieves 73.93 mAP on DOTA1.0 at a speed of 10.68 FPS on Jetson Xavier NX with single scale. The code is available at: https://github.com/lzh420202/FCOSR


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FCOSR: A Simple Anchor-free Rotated Detector for Aerial Object Detection

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