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Fault Injection based Failure Analysis of CentOS, Anolis OS and OpenEuler

by   Hao Xu, et al.
Tongji University
Alibaba Group

The reliability of operating system (OS) has always been a major concern in the academia and industry. This paper studies how to perform OS failure analysis by fault injection based on the fault mode library. Firstly, we use the fault mode generation method based on Linux abstract hierarchy structure analysis to systematically define the Linux-like fault modes, construct a Linux fault mode library and develop a fault injection tool based on the fault mode library (FIFML). Then, fault injection experiments are carried out on three commercial Linux distributions, CentOS, Anolis OS and openEuler, to identify their reliability problems and give improvement suggestions. We also use the virtual file systems of these three OSs as experimental objects, to perform fault injection at levels of Light and Normal, measure the performance of 13 common file operations before and after fault injection.


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