Faster and Simpler Siamese Network for Single Object Tracking

by   Shaokui Jiang, et al.

Single object tracking (SOT) is currently one of the most important tasks in computer vision. With the development of the deep network and the release for a series of large scale datasets for single object tracking, siamese networks have been proposed and perform better than most of the traditional methods. However, recent siamese networks get deeper and slower to obtain better performance. Most of these methods could only meet the needs of real-time object tracking in ideal environments. In order to achieve a better balance between efficiency and accuracy, we propose a simpler siamese network for single object tracking, which runs fast in poor hardware configurations while remaining an excellent accuracy. We use a more efficient regression method to compute the location of the tracked object in a shorter time without losing much precision. For improving the accuracy and speeding up the training progress, we introduce the Squeeze-and-excitation (SE) network into the feature extractor. In this paper, we compare the proposed method with some state-of-the-art trackers and analysis their performances. Using our method, a siamese network could be trained with shorter time and less data. The fast processing speed enables combining object tracking with object detection or other tasks in real time.


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