Fast Video Shot Transition Localization with Deep Structured Models

by   Shitao Tang, et al.

Detection of video shot transition is a crucial pre-processing step in video analysis. Previous studies are restricted on detecting sudden content changes between frames through similarity measurement and multi-scale operations are widely utilized to deal with transitions of various lengths. However, localization of gradual transitions are still under-explored due to the high visual similarity between adjacent frames. Cut shot transitions are abrupt semantic breaks while gradual shot transitions contain low-level spatial-temporal patterns caused by video effects in addition to the gradual semantic breaks, e.g. dissolve. In order to address the problem, we propose a structured network which is able to detect these two shot transitions using targeted models separately. Considering speed performance trade-offs, we design a smart framework. With one TITAN GPU, the proposed method can achieve a 30× real-time speed. Experiments on public TRECVID07 and RAI databases show that our method outperforms the state-of-the-art methods. In order to train a high-performance shot transition detector, we contribute a new database ClipShots, which contains 128636 cut transitions and 38120 gradual transitions from 4039 online videos. ClipShots intentionally collect short videos for more hard cases caused by hand-held camera vibrations, large object motions, and occlusion.


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ClipShots is the first large-scale dataset for shot boundary detection collected from Youtube and Weibo covering more than 20 categories, including sports, TV shows, animals, etc.

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