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Fast Single-Core K-Nearest Neighbor Graph Computation

by   Dan Kluser, et al.

Fast and reliable K-Nearest Neighbor Graph algorithms are more important than ever due to their widespread use in many data processing techniques. This paper presents a runtime optimized C implementation of the heuristic "NN-Descent" algorithm by Wei Dong et al. for the l2-distance metric. Various implementation optimizations are explained which improve performance for low-dimensional as well as high dimensional datasets. Optimizations to speed up the selection of which datapoint pairs to evaluate the distance for are primarily impactful for low-dimensional datasets. A heuristic which exploits the iterative nature of NN-Descent to reorder data in memory is presented which enables better use of locality and thereby improves the runtime. The restriction to the l2-distance metric allows for the use of blocked distance evaluations which significantly increase performance for high dimensional datasets. In combination the optimizations yield an implementation which significantly outperforms a widely used implementation of NN-Descent on all considered datasets. For instance, the runtime on the popular MNIST handwritten digits dataset is halved.


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