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Fast Registration for cross-source point clouds by using weak regional affinity and pixel-wise refinement

by   Xiaoshui Huang, et al.

Many types of 3D acquisition sensors have emerged in recent years and point cloud has been widely used in many areas. Accurate and fast registration of cross-source 3D point clouds from different sensors is an emerged research problem in computer vision. This problem is extremely challenging because cross-source point clouds contain a mixture of various variances, such as density, partial overlap, large noise and outliers, viewpoint changing. In this paper, an algorithm is proposed to align cross-source point clouds with both high accuracy and high efficiency. There are two main contributions: firstly, two components, the weak region affinity and pixel-wise refinement, are proposed to maintain the global and local information of 3D point clouds. Then, these two components are integrated into an iterative tensor-based registration algorithm to solve the cross-source point cloud registration problem. We conduct experiments on synthetic cross-source benchmark dataset and real cross-source datasets. Comparison with six state-of-the-art methods, the proposed method obtains both higher efficiency and accuracy.


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