Fast Multiple Landmark Localisation Using a Patch-based Iterative Network

by   Yuanwei Li, et al.

We propose a new Patch-based Iterative Network (PIN) for fast and accurate landmark localisation in 3D medical volumes. PIN utilises a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) to learn the spatial relationship between an image patch and anatomical landmark positions. During inference, patches are repeatedly passed to the CNN until the estimated landmark position converges to the true landmark location. PIN is computationally efficient since the inference stage only selectively samples a small number of patches in an iterative fashion rather than a dense sampling at every location in the volume. Our approach adopts a multi-task learning framework that combines regression and classification to improve localisation accuracy. We extend PIN to localise multiple landmarks by using principal component analysis, which models the global anatomical relationships between landmarks. We have evaluated PIN using 72 3D ultrasound images from fetal screening examinations. PIN achieves quantitatively an average landmark localisation error of 5.59mm and a runtime of 0.44s to predict 10 landmarks per volume. Qualitatively, anatomical 2D standard scan planes derived from the predicted landmark locations are visually similar to the clinical ground truth.


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